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Wildcard: What We Do

Delivering High Security, Enterprise Web Technology Solutions


Wildcard clients include highly visible government agencies who require the most secure, robust systems able to protect vital data while deflecting sustained attacks. Wildcard has extensive experience designing, securing, and performance tuning these systems.


Wildcard brings to you its exceptionally broad and deep technological expertise in systems deployment, hosting, programming and defense. We are major contributors to leading open source software platforms, which are often at the core of our delivered systems.


Our unique combination of security experience, technological expertise and professionalism allows us to deliver exceptionally performant solutions that exceed client expectations, while remaining fiscally competitive and providing accelerated return on investment.

Technology Expertise

Wildcard has extensive development, deployment, hosting and security experience in a wide range of technologies. Our solutions are designed for high availability and high performance. We provide secure, complete and functionally rich solutions for an extensive array of problems.


major contributors to and owners/maintainers of many open source Python projects (~50 years' combined Python experience)


core contributors to and sponsors of the Plone CMS, the heart of our advanced CMS solutions


developers of over a dozen robust NoSQL Pyramid-based web applications


designers of custom Django-powered projects for rich relational database applications


deployers of systems to the cloud using several cloud provisioners; resellers of Amazon Web Services and CenturyLink cloud environments


managers of repeatable systems deployment to cloud infrastructure using the Ansible IT automation tool


experts in installation, distribution, and management of solutions on Ubuntu and other Linux operating system distributions


maintainer of factored — the multi-factor application authentication tool; proficient with Zabbix, OSSEC (Open Source SECurity) and AlienVault (unified security management tool)


deployers of high performance solutions using CouchDB, Couchbase, PostgreSQL, ZODB and more, often with replication


providers of advanced search systems using Elasticsearch, PostgreSQL and customized Google site search


implementers of high performance proxy servers for extremely heavy load situations: Nginx, HAProxy and Apache Traffic Server


experts with Content Delivery Networks, Varnish and Nginx, providing extreme performance and site availability


Due to the nature of the mission, several products needed to be completed under a short deadline. Wildcard consistently delivers the highest quality of products and services on or before due dates. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)

I spent an hour or so going through the website late last week and it is amazing. You have done such good work organizing that mass of data into a much more usable presentation. Dixon Gahnz, Lawton & Cates, S.C.

People often complain about small companies and their bandwidth; this has not been a problem with this contract. Everyone in their group seems highly capable and able to perform multiple complex tasks. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)

The talented staff at Wildcard stepped up and took control to rapidly design and build a system for us that houses our data base and links the information to a user-friendly interactive website for our clients… The Wildcard team is extremely intelligent, courteous, patient, trustworthy, highly responsive and forward thinking. Coalition Services LLC


Our professionals are ready to take on your project

Talin Senner

CEO / Engineer

Talin is the founder of Wildcard Corp. and the creative mind behind most of the solutions Wildcard has been involved in.

Nathan Van Gheem

Director of Solutions Engineering

Nathan directs and designs the development of our technical solutions. He is a UI/UX expert and a major contributor to Plone and other open source projects.

Joel Kleier

Full Stack Developer

Joel is in charge of our automation, development and testing infrastructure; Joel also takes on some of our software development tasks.

Beth Jolin


Beth is the visual voice of the client. Working closely with clients, she creates design concepts that inspire, inform, and captivate.

Craig Haydock

Business Development Manager

Craig identifies, develops, and negotiates business relationships. Craig is also a Business Analyst, helping businesses implement technology solutions in a cost-effective way.

Gregg Gokey

Director of Operations

Gregg runs the day to day operational support for Wildcard Corp, acting as the Human Resources director, financial services specialist, public relations and administrative support person for the company.

Timothy McLaurin

Director of Security

Timothy covers the gamut of customer information security needs. His extensive experience ranges from security policy definition to secure infrastructure design and implementation.

Rob Porter

Front-End Developer

Rob is our talented implementer of web designs, accessibility compliance expert, and browser compatibility wizard.

Timothy Pangburn

System Administrator

Tim is responsible for effective provisioning of systems hardware and software and related infrastructure, including installation, configuration, operation, and maintenance.

Jeremy Martens

Software Engineer

T. Kim Nguyen

Project Manager / Plone Community Relations

Kim manages our commercial and education projects. He is also a director of the Plone Foundation.

Sam Schwartz

Software Engineer Intern

Sam contributes to packages in the Plone core, including plone.app.theming. Sam is the author of Plone add-ons, including uwosh.snippets and the new UI for plone.app.workflowmanager.

Kristel Van Gheem

Quality Assurance Analyst

Kristel is responsible for UI/UX testing and business development review.

Erich Maas

Proposal Coordinator / Content Editor

Erich develops our proposals and provides website content editing services to our clients.

Lindsay Slazakowski

Software Engineer

A graduate of the GoCode programming boot camp, Lindsay integrates Python and UI frameworks.

Kelsey Borth

Proposal Coordinator / Front-End Sales

With her degree in communications and background in coordinating teams, Kelsey develops our proposals and assists in front-end sales.

Becky Swan

Web Designer

Becky is a UI designer and front-end developer. She is responsible for designing and implementing aesthetic web designs for our customers.

Joseph Schoenberg

Commercial Program Manager & Marketing Associate

Joe advocates for the customers, ensures their concerns are handled and crafts the message about our services and products.

Tyler Feirtag

Technical Customer Service Representative

Tyler handles Tier 1 technical support for all our clients.

Contact Us

Wildcard Corporation


1100 Centerpoint Drive, Suite 101
Stevens Point, WI 54481

Phone: +1 (715) 869-3440